Call or email first to confirm, but, if you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by and lend a hand designing hand crafted pizza pies to fire up in our Cob, wood fired, pizza oven (thank you, thank you, Katie & Alex!). $100 pesos/person - all you can eat until the pie runs dry. Also check in for ongoing scheduling of daily yoga instruction or book a Thai massage!

Sunday, December 8th @ 1:00 P.M., we’ll be having a soap making workshop taught by our wild & wise maestro of all things lathery, Joan Suara of Switzerland. Joan arrived by bicycle this past July after riding two years across Europe, Asia, China, Canada, and the U.S.. Joan is co-owner of Wild & Wise soaps ( - Switzerland & Canada), a wealth of knowledge, and he always smells great! During this first workshop we’ll be experimenting with fresh goat milk as a base. No advanced registration required. Participation by Donation

Rancho Sol y Mar ( is pleased to announce its first two courses in a series of workshops focused on natural building & construction, beginning February 10th, 2014.

The first workshop "Building With Cob is being taught by Master Cob Builder and Educator Pat Hennebery of Vancouver, Canada ( The course will cover virtually all aspects of cob design and construction and will be offered in three consecutive 2-week segments, each segment focusing on a different aspect of the cob building process. With this workshop participants will gain many of the skills and confidence to begin planning and build their own cob home(s). Aside from the inherently sculptural, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and long lasting benefits of cob, it is also one of the least expensive ways to build! The course will be taught in english with some spanish translation, and will include local craftsmen who will be working with us as we learn and these ancient earth building techniques. This is the main event for our 2013/2014 workshop season and we’re beyond excited to be able to offer this opportunity to learn the hottest natural building process from one of the most highly regarded master “cobbers” in North America!

The second workshop will cover artistic tiling and natural finishes. This two week course begins March 24th and is being taught by Max & Miriam Zubia of Zubia Designs ( Max & Miriam specialize in tile mandalas, use of recycled finish materials, and natural plaster finishes. Their most recent project involved design and management of all finishes for Hotel La Zebra resort in Tulum, Mexico (Yucatan). This course will be taught in spanish with some english translation.

Finally, we will be offering a long weekend, short course in cob for Vallarta region residents and visitors who are unable to attend the other course offerings. This special class, March 14-16, will cover full design theory and demonstrations of various cob construction practices.

For pricing and additional information for the cob segments please contact: Pat Hennebery (

For pricing and additional information for the tiling/finishes workshop please contact: Dan or Holly (

Para Español pongáse en contacto con Max o Miriam (Maximiliano Zubia (

Cob On Down With Us! (Feb 10 - April 7th, 2014)

                Example of Cob Construction.                

photo: courtesy Pat Hennebery (

Saturday Night is Pizza Night! Every Day is Yoga Day!

Clean Up your act! (December 8th, 2013)

Permaculture Happens...

Permaculture Design Certification Course

Jan 15 - 28, 2017

Additional on-site practicum held after the course

January 30 -February 3rd! 

(offered free for the first 5 sign-ups!)

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